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Quilt Sandwich gains reputation for the largest selection of Extra Wide Quilt Backs

Quilt Back

Quilt Sandwich (www.quiltsandwich.co.uk), a trading style of Coast Holidays Ltd, are really excited to announce that they have the largest selection of Extra Wide Quilt Backs in the UK.

Their selection of quilt backs has been growing steadily of the last couple of years. Now it is estimated that they have in the order of 250 styles, colours and types of Extra wide Fabric ideal for quilt backs.

In addition to the fabrics currently in stock Quiltsandwich also have another 30 different Batiks on order due for delivery in late June. They also have an exciting range of Kaffe Fassett fabrics on order due for delivery in May 2017.

Kaffe Fassett

Their selection is becoming so large that they have now expanded to a dedicated website for the Quilt Backs which is available here.

The quiltbacks are now available either online at the online quilt shop, in person at The Royal Bridlington or they are now also attending many of the major Quilt and Patchwork Shows throughout the UK. Quiltsandwich this year have already attended the Quiltshows at Edinburgh and Harrogate. They have a stand booked at Malvern Quilts UK and then at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham.

The stands which they have at these shows are dedicated to extra wide Quilt Backs with all of their stock being shown at each of the shows.

By the time the Festival of Quilts comes round in August Quilt sandwich will have have received their second shipment of magnificent quality Extra Wide Batik Quilt Fabric which will imply that they will have a dedicated stand for the Extra Wide Batik Quilt Back. This will be specific to Quilt Sandwich as it is being produced on dedicated colour ways and designs.

In conclusion therefore, for your extra wide quilt backs the best location in the UK is Great Bridlington whether it is for mail order or in person Quiltsandwich has the largest selection in the UK.

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