Great Bridlington Anchorman

Bridlington has at last got it’s Anchorman sculpture.

The Sculpture has been created by established local artist Ronald Falck, best known locally for his shepherd and sheep sculptures at the Dotterel roundabout.

Ronald Falck was approached by West Street and Surrounding Area Action Group to put forward proposals to improve the character and interest of South Cliff Gardens at the top of the Harbour. At the July 2013 meeting of the group at the Windsor Hotel, he presented his original design for the Anchorman, an eight foot sculpture in resin over a steel armature. This received enthusiastic approval and the group commissioned him to create the art work.

Bridlington Anchorman

The Anchorman scheme received overwhelming support from Bridlington residents, visitors and local businesses alike, particularly in view of the fact that no public money would be needed to fund the project.

West Street and Surrounding Area Action Group then approached the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners to see if they could assist us in finding a home for the sculpture. They agreed to allow the sculpture to be sited on the roof of their offices.

The Anchorman symbolises and celebrates the hard work done in Bridlington Harbour now and in the past.

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