Looking for Things to do in Great Bridlington?


Bridlington, the Bridlington Old Town and the surrunding area offer a vast array of wonderful things to entertain even the most staid and boring person.  The local area offers everything from nights out in the town and theatre to days on the Beach, wildlife excursions on sea and land as well as trips to the Yorkshire Wolds, Dales and even day trips up to Scarborough or down to Hornsea Freeport.  So what we can show you here is only a small sample.


Come to Great Bridlington and the Bridlington Old Town and enjoy your Yorkshire Seaside Break.

The Yorkshire Belle

The beautiful Yorkshire Belle cruiser dates back to the late 1940's.


In current times she is used for magnificent sightseeing tours up and doen the Yorkshire Coast to Flamborough Head, Bempton Cliffes and is used regularly in the early months for trips out to sea to see the Skua and Shearwater birds.


With two eight-cylinder Gardner engines each giving l52hp she can carry up to 206 passengers. She is fully licensed with a lounge bar and ladies' saloon that serves light refreshments throughout the cruise.

Bempton Cliffs

A family favourite, and easily the best place in England to see, hear and smell seabirds! From April to August RSPB Bempton Cliffs has more than 200,000 birds which make the cliffs seem alive. with adults bringing food to their nests, or young chicks making their first faltering flights. 

With huge numbers to watch at RSPB Bempton Cliffs, beginners can easily learn the difference between gannets, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and fulmars. The easily recognisable puffins (here between April and July) are always a delight. Specially-created cliff top viewpoints are wheelchair accessible with care. 

You can watch our 200,000 seabirds LIVE on the RSPB Bempton Cliffs CCTV through the breeding season from March to October. Meet our information assistants and hear about the live action, watch it for yourself on our two TV screens and enjoy the close-up images of our nesting gannets.

Bridlington Priory Church
Bridlington Old Town and Priory Church

Bridlington Old Town is the 'Other Side of The Seaside' where the historic origins of Bridlington can be seen and savoured.


Some of the main sights to see in The Bridlington Old Town are

  • The Priory Church

  • The Bayle Museum

  • The Dads Army Trail

  • The original Stocks and Pillory

  • The many great Antique shops on The High Street


Follow the Bridlington Old Town Trail to learn much more about the Old Town of Bridlington.

South Beach

Bridlington South Beach is one of the best sand castle building beaches in the whole of the UK with magnificent sandy beach stretching all of the way from Great Bridlington down as far as Spurn Point.


The Great Bridlington Beaches are magnificent whatever time of year you visit and offer places to relax whether that is on the sands, by the paddling pool or in one of the many beach side chalets.


The Donkey Rides are a must and the waters are a real boost to the wellbeing of young and old.